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May 2017
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#WatchTheVote – Revealing Politics

From our friends at Revealing Politics:

This morning we’ve announced our newest effort to ensure integrity during the Presidential Election tomorrow.  Revealing Politics will be sending video teams out on election day to monitor and document any issues that may arise at the polls.  We’ve also released a video to help citizens learn how to become involved in protecting their votes.  If you’d like to join our efforts, please watch our video and educate yourself on your rights in this year’s election.  Please feel free to email us at and don’t forget to tweet your findings under the #WatchTheVote hashtag!


November 5, 2012

Contact: Kelly Maher                            303-522-4188

Call to Citizen Journalists: Join Us and #WatchTheVote

DENVER, Colo. – announced today that it will deploy video teams to key swing states on election day to monitor and document any voter intimidation tactics that might occur. In addition, is urging citizens to participate in the effort by acting as election day polling place watchdogs. Kelly Maher, Executive Director ofRevealing Politics, released a video announcing to the public a strong coordinated push for citizen journalists to watch polling locations and deter voter fraud called “#WatchTheVote”. The video also calls on viewers to join in, and video any suspicious behavior they encounter at polling locations.

“At Revealing Politics we have deployed trained video teams to Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin” said Maher. “We also encourage citizens who notice anything odd to document and report it.”

Revealing Politics staff and videographers have all been briefed on the specific laws in each state in which they’ll be operating, and have been instructed their primary goal is to “tell a story, not be a story.” They will, however, diligently film and report any behavior that could be seen as voter intimidation by individuals, groups or officials.

Revealing Politics strongly urges all citizen journalists to be aware of the state and local laws regarding videotaping.

Revealing Politics is a 501(c)4 organization dedicated to education. Since launching on June 1, 2012 the Revealing Politics YouTube channel has garnered over 1.2 million video views.

#WatchTheVote – Revealing Politics | Revealing Politics.


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