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April 2017
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Posts tagged The Oregonian

Credit Where It’s Due – The Oregonian Publishes A PERS Primer

Oregonian box

We wanted to bring the readers’ attention to a solid article posted by Jeff Mapes in The Oregonian that briefly covers the history of PERS, and why it’s currently in deep, deep trouble. The article gives a good, basic overview of Tier I and Tier II public employees, and where the burdens lie for the […]

Occupy Portland costs at $1.4 Million and rising – taxpayers on the hook

chapman lownsdale

Thank you, Mayor Sam Adams. Your steadfast refusal to apply the law equally to Occupy Portland, simply because you agree with them politically, is costing Portland residents big time. You have failed to do your job, Mr. Mayor. You have not protected Portland taxpayers from unreasonable expense. This sentence from The Portland Tribune says it […]

Oregon is the most corrupt State in the Union – Portlandia version

Oregon is the most corrupt State in the Union – Portlandia version

The stories of Water Bureau ratepayer abuse at Portland Water Bureau are legend around these parts. Wait, you might be thinking, water rates? Who cares? Well, that’s kinda the point. Not too many people pay attention, and they keep on electing the people responsible for creating slush funds with our water bill receipts. And if […]

Oregon is the most corrupt State in the Union – Pt. 6.

Oregon is the most corrupt State in the Union – Pt. 6.

Author’s note: This post originally appeared at on Nov 2, 2010. Pertinent archives are being migrated to this new blog. Over at my buddy Max Redline’s Blog, something that will make you shake your head: Just In Time For Halloween! Metro, that sterling “regional government” had a great little money-making scheme going on – until […]

No surprise: Multnomah County one of nation’s most liberal

No surprise: Multnomah County one of nation’s most liberal

As Multnomah County goes, so goes the state of Oregon.  We have our work cut out for us! From Jeff Mapes at the Oregonian: Multnomah County is the nation’s 16th most liberal county, according to the Daily Caller. You have to figure that a county where Barack Obama beat John McCain 77 percent to 20 […]

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  • Sonics | Special Session | Snow Storm April 25, 2017
    Here are five things we think are worth keeping your eye on in Washington state politics this week – from DC to Olympia to Seattle.  We’re building this Monday morning email to be a briefing of things we thing merit your attention for the week ahead. If you have suggestions on what to add, we’d […]
  • Bringing the Sonics Back to Seattle April 25, 2017
    More than five years ago, our Seattle-based partnership began the long and thorough process of developing the SODO Arena.  Our sole focus is to bring the NBA and NHL back to Seattle. We believe our proposal to build a privately funded, state-of-the-art Arena at the southern end of Seattle’s zoned Stadium District, directly south of […]
  • Event: Breakfast with the Wire, A Review of the Regular Session April 21, 2017
    As the legislative session draws to a close, we look forward to dissecting the moving parts of the 105-day Regular Legislative Session and thinking about how the impacts of this session will play out in the Washington State economy. So, we are working with our sister site to invite some of the most quietly impactful […]
  • Reason #3 to Stop Subsidizing TransitFew Use It and Fewer Need It April 25, 2017
    In 1960, when most of the nation’s transit was private (and profitable), 7.81 million people took transit to work. By 2015, the nation’s working population had grown by nearly 130 percent, and taxpayers had spent well over a trillion dollars improving and operating urban transit systems. Yet the number of people taking transit to work […]
  • The Rail Transit Money Pit April 24, 2017
    After more than a year of shut-downs, slow-downs, and break-downs, the Washington Metro rail system still faces a huge maintenance backlog. Meanwhile, rail opponents in Hawaii placed a full-page ad in the Washington Post begging President Trump to cancel funding for that city’s increasingly expensive rail project. Click image to download a PDF of this […]
  • Reason #2 to Stop Subsidizing TransitSubsidies Haven’t Increased Ridership April 21, 2017
    In 2015, the American Public Transportation Association issued a press release whose headline claimed that transit ridership in 2014 achieved a new record. However, the story revealed that 2014 ridership was the highest since 1956. That’s no more a record than if it was the highest since 2013. The truth is that America’s urban population […]