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March 2017
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Posts tagged Oregon Republican Party

Hidden Agenda | the whitestick papers

hiding elephant

[5440 note: reprinted in full by permission of the author. Original post: Hidden Agenda | the whitestick papers.] There always have been, and always will be, sub-groups within the Republican Party. Some are based on demographic similarities; Young Republicans, College Republicans, the Federation of Republican Women and the like. Most of these have links to […]

Art Robinson announces bid for Oregon GOP chairmanship


Awesome!  I honestly can’t think of anyone better! The Republican party in Oregon is currently run by an elitist “consultant class” of so-called “moderates” who continually water down conservative principles in the hopes of appearing more “centrist.”   It has cost them election after election, but they have refused to learn from their mistakes, preferring […]

Guest Post: Part 3, Links in the chain – Examining the Oregon Conventions of June 23

[5440 note: the last in the series of examinations of the Oregon Conventions, cross posted from The Whitestick Papers. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here.] In Part 1 of this linked blog post, we looked at the hierarchy of applicable rules and how they will be used by the Republican National Convention’s Committee […]

Examining the Oregon Conventions Of June 23, Part 2 – Links In The Chain

[5440 note: once again, reposted from The Whitestick Papers. Part 1 can be found here.] Links in the chain – Part 1 The Oregon Republican Party (ORP) is governed by a set of rules.  These deal with most aspects of how the party is organized, run and how it conducts business.  No surprise there; any organization […]

Disenfranchised? An Examination Of The Oregon Conventions Of June 23

[5440 note: cross posted from The Whitestick Papers. Ron Paul supporters have been invited to provide a thoughtful rebuttal.] The adjournment of the 2012 Oregon Republican District Convention June 23rd we’ve heard a lot about how the Precinct Committee People (PCP) were “disenfranchised”.  They had a right, or so the story goes, to vote on […]

More ORP Convention Wrap-Up

For those still not sure what happened Saturday at the Republican conventions around the state, here’s a look at what’s supposed to happen–and what happened Saturday. Take a listen: I Spy Minute Tue June 26 2012 Or read the transcript, below… #       #       #       # During the primary, the voters vote for their choice of […]

ORP Convention Chaos

  What should have been a day of unity, turned out to be a complete embarassment to the Oregon Republican Party. The ORP Congressional District Conventions ended in chaos when Allen Alley pulled the plug after only three votes, leaving the votes for the alternate delegates and alternate congressional district delegates to be determined by […]

Oregon Republican Party Announces Write In Candidates For Statewide Office


The Oregon Republican Party has announced an aggressive plan to ensure that a Republican candidate is nominated for the positions of Oregon Attorney General and Treasurer. After formal candidates were not recruited to file to run in the Primary Election, Oregon Republican Party Chairman Allen Alley expressed his strong opposition to allowing a Democrat candidate […]

Oregon Republican Party Chair Allen Alley Blasts Kate Brown


OFFICIAL ORP NEWS RELEASE Tuesday, March 20, 2012 – 06:00 PDT Twisted Interpretation by Kate Brown Wreaks Last-minute Election Havoc Lake Oswego, OR – “It is shocking and unfortunate that Secretary of State Kate Brown is playing politics with the election process,” said Oregon Republican Party Chair Allen Alley. Brown made an abrupt, late decision […]

Commentary: Oregon Legislature Should Vote NO On HB 4174 – Protect Our Ballots From Fraud.


(5440 note – the following was prepared by Oregon Abigail Adams Project. Commentary follows.) The Secretary of State is once again introducing a bill that will repeal the law that requires unused ballots to be destroyed in a timely manner. Please contact the House Rules Committee and ask them to protect the integrity of our […]

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  • Cincinnati Streetcars’ “Catastrophic Failures” March 28, 2017
    The Cincinnati streetcar–now known as the Cincinnati Bell Connector since Cincinnati Bell paid $3.4 million for naming rights–is barely six months old, and already is having problems. Four streetcars broke down in one day a few months ago. Now the company that is contracted to operate the streetcar has warned that poor quality control by […]
  • Property Bubbles Down Under? March 27, 2017
    In an eerie echo of statements made before the collapse of American housing bubbles in 2006, leading Australian bankers claim that Australia is not suffering a housing bubble. Yet prices are unsustainably high and a collapse is inevitable, though when it will happen may be unpredictable. Median home prices in Sydney are AU$795,000 (US$606,000). More […]
  • Backstabbing in the Self-Driving Car Industry March 24, 2017
    Bloomberg has a long article about Google’s lawsuit against Uber over self-driving car technology. In a nutshell, one of Google’s top engineers, Anthony Levandowski, left Google to start a new company called Otto that was then purchased by Uber for $700 million, and Google is accusing Levandowski of taking its company secrets with him and […]