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September 2017
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Oregon is the most corrupt State in the Union

Oregon patriot Chuck Wiese made this observation after the election results were finalized:

The fix is in for voter fraud in the State of Oregon. At some time recent, the statutes were changed to ORS 247.017 (4): “Except as provided in ORS 247.125, if a registration card is legible, accurate and contains, at a minimum, the registrant’s name, residence address, date of birth and signature, the county clerk shall register the person.”

The extra information requested about citizenship, ODL, and the last four of your SSN only applies in federal elections, and even that can be substituted with a utility bill. So anyone can register to vote within 21 days of the election, use multiple names at the same or other recoverable addresses, and they will be sent a balllot. Once that is voted and processed, there is virtually no way to associate a particular vote with the fraud ballot signature envelope, and the only way for the county to check is to actually visit the place where ballots were mailed. And here, even if fraud is suspected, the purpetrator can simply deny any knowledge of wrong doing. You literally have to catch someone in the act before you could prosecute them.

Is it any wonder our voter rolls are stacked with illegal aliens and duplicates?

Don’t expect any help from Oregon’s corrupt Secretary of State, Kate Brown.  She was already embroiled in controversy because she allowed liberals to rig the voter pamphlet during the Measure 66 & 67 campaign last January.

My friend and fellow activist Jeff Reynolds has written a fantastic series of articles which clearly illustrate the level of corruption we are up against in Oregon.  Before you can win the battle, you have to understand how your opponents operate.

Part 1:

The first subject I’ll tackle is Oregon’s voting system. For those of you who aren’t aware, we did away with voting booths all the way back in 1998. We now have exclusive vote by mail.

What’s wrong with that? Doesn’t it allow for more voter participation, particularly among the elderly who may not normally be able to make it to the voting booth?

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to democracy. In order to vote, a person is not required  to show that they are a citizen. One is not required to have a valid state ID or driver’s license, and you are now allowed to register by mail. Don’t believe me? Check out

Well even still, the system can be trusted, can’t it?


You remember Chain Of Custody from the OJ Simpson trial, right? You know, where every person who touches the sensitive item is required to be able to account for its whereabouts throughout the process to ensure that it hasn’t been tampered with.

Yeah, about that.

Here’s a typical ballot drop box in Multnomah County, the most populous county in Oregon:

This is the Drive Up Book Drop at Multnomah County Central Library. Yes, your ballot gets dropped, with hundreds of others, and mingled with thousands of books.

Never mind the endless human error that could occur – how about the fact that your ballot could literally be handled by dozens of people before it hits the County Elections Office? Do you feel comfortable with a complete lack of accountability for you ballot?

I don’t mean to impugn the library or the people who work there and love the propagation of human knowledge among the populace, but let’s face facts. There is absolutely no assurance that your ballot will make it to the counting machine unless you mail it or bring it directly to the County Elections Office. I wonder how many voters realize that?

Part II:

Ok, so I’ve laid out just a little bit of background information.

Now to the big news of Election Season, 2010. It appears that the national, coordinated efforts to steal this election have not skipped Oregon:

Clerk warns against private ballot delivery

A group calling itself the Yamhill County Voters Association is going door to door collecting general election ballots for delivery to the Yamhill County Clerk’s Office.

County Clerk Becky Stern-Doll said neither the group nor the activity has been authorized by her office, which supervises local elections. She said members of her staff wear badges and only pick up ballots that have been deposited in one of the county’s 12 locked drop boxes.

Here’s what’s amazing – THIS ISN’T ILLEGAL IN OREGON.

It’s not hard to imagine a group who has a vested interest in the outcome of the election preying on the elderly, the infirm, the uneducated. “Oh, Mrs. Johnson, don’t worry, let me drive this ballot over to the county elections office. I’ll take good care of it.”

Do you think there might be some campaigns, unexpectedly closer in the polls to their challenger, who might be tempted to act in desperation? Is there anything stopping career politicians from pulling out all the stops to save their status, their salary, their influence?

There are even anecdotal reports of “ballot scalping”. The rumor is that some college students who have no opinion about the elections will have the opportunity to sell their ballot.

One question: Would ANY of these shenanigans be possible if there weren’t an exclusive vote by mail system?

Part III:

Update to yesterday’s reports that there is a coordinated “Ballot Pickup” effort in the mid-Willamette Valley.

I spoke today with Wayne Brady, Chairman of the Marion County Republican Party. He was quite disturbed by a report he received from a Republican voter:

I received a call from a resident of Marion County who had a woman come to his home and ask for the ballots.  This household has 6 registered voters and they are all reliable voters and  all Republican except for one independent.  The woman who came to the door knew their names and told him that she knew they were reliable Republican voters.  When the resident told her he would not provide the ballots, she kept on pressing to get them.  She then went out into the front yard and asked their son if he always did what his father told him to do.  She had Kitzhaber literature with her.  She drove away after leaving the house.  She was obviously targeting this house.

This is a clear case of targeted voter intimidation. I wonder if the Secretary Of State will take notice.

Part IV talks about shady land deals.

Part V once again targets our corrupt election system:

Here’s a newsflash – the media in Oregon is not just in the tank, but appears to be actively conspiring with the Liberal Democrat Establishment.

Case in point: this post from a few weeks ago on NW Republican:

The Oregonian Editorial Board busted sand bagging for the Democrats

From the post, which absolutely devastates The Oregonian:

I remember thinking, “Are you kidding me? Really? He is tall? Friendly and has no political experience? He offers more generalities than specifics and runs a cautious campaign?!! And somehow THOSE are reasons to endorse Dudley over Allen Alley?”

Well now we know. The Oregonian was merely sandbagging the GOP primary in order to set up the weakest of the two main candidates.

Don’t believe me? Well, fast forward to October 10, 2010 read their duplicitous endorsement of Kitzhaber.

“Dudley has no public service record. Voters could overlook that if he had experience as a business executive or led a major nonprofit organization. But Dudley’s leadership experience amounts to serving as an NBA players union representative and raising money for diabetes care and research. That is not enough. Not when Dudley continues to struggle in interviews and in the one televised debate with Kitzhaber to explain fully how he would address Oregon’s difficult problems”

NOW you want a candidate who is prepared? NOW it is not a positive thing to offer a “fresh perspective?” Wait a minute, wait a minute e-board. Didn’t you guys have your chance to make that argument in freaking April?

Oh now wait for the closing argument from the great minds of The Oregonian editorial board:

Finally, there is the issue of Oregonians’ cynicism toward government. There’s only one way to reduce public anger, and it is not by electing a fresh face or outsider as governor.

My commentary: Wow is right. How can anyone type the sentence, “There’s only one way to reduce public anger, and it is not by electing a fresh face or outsider … “???  In 2010? Really? What’s amazing is that the Editorial Board of the Zero KNOWS they can get away with this, especially in Portland. We who see this obvious collusion are referred to as paranoid haters who are out of touch with what Oregonians want. Well, this Oregonian wants honesty, and for the media to shine a light on corruption. What a void we have in real journalism in this state.

h/t Coyote and NW Republican. Great job exposing the hypocrisy.

PS This only serves to prove the point I’ve been making as to why newspaper subscriptions are dying out and talk radio continues to grow. If any newspaper had the testicular fortitude to conduct honest-to-goodness investigative journalism, subscriptions would SOAR. Sadly there only exist a few remaining media outlets that conduct such a vital service in a society that used to honor freedom of the press.

Part VI exposes the Metro Council making a little money on the side by reselling grave sites.

Part VII examines the corrupt practices of Kate Brown, Oregon’s Secretary of State.  (The Left is keenly aware that having the Secretary of State in your pocket is vital to allowing Democrat shenanigans go unchallenged, and the slightest hiccup used as an excuse to discount Republican votes.  They launched the Soros-funded Secretary of State project specifically for the purpose of stacking “battleground” states with Secretaries of State sympathetic to their agenda.)

Part VIII:

Much of the information in this post comes from volunteers from the Voter Integrity Committee of Multnomah County Republican Party.  A large and dedicated crew was organized to observe the elections process, as allowed by law. Volunteers observed the process from ballot drop to ballot return to ballot delivery at Multnomah County Elections, and through the tallying process. Reports came in from every single link in the chain of vulnerabilities in the system, verifying claims that there is no reliable chain of command at all in the election process.

Example #1: A volunteer observing a ballot drop site wanted to follow the election worker delivering a full box of ballots to the central election office. The election worker, aware that they were being followed, sped through a school zone and deliberately ran a red light to lose the volunteer, whose only purpose was to ensure an unbroken chain of custody.

Example #2: Observers were present in the ballot delivery dock on Tuesday, November 2 at around 1pm when someone walked in off the street – which was the first indication anyone had that the lock on the door wasn’t working. There is absolutely no telling how that happened or how long this door was unsecured.

Example #3: There are six ballot reader machines at the central elections office, located at 11th and SE Morrison in Portland. These ballot readers feed directly into a Unity Tallying Machine via cable. Observers were told that individual scanners do not tally votes or produce reports. Only after the data is processed and sent to the Unity Machine is a tally or a report available. When election workers were questioned about the ability to produce audits or reports from the individual ballot readers, the volunteers were brushed off and told, “There’s never been a reason to produce such a report.”

In an 2007 audit of the Elections Division, Multnomah County found 17 separate areas of concern for election security. In a 2008 follow up audit, Multnomah County found that the Elections Division was working on those enhancements, but had not completed the implementations. There has been no audit or follow up since, so it remains unclear if all of the improvements were ever implemented.

Part IX:

In wading through all the reports of the broken chain of custody, I completely forgot to post the most ridiculous permutation of Oregon Election Law.

2009 HB 3451 allows for ballots to be opened 7 days ahead of election day:

SECTION 1. ORS 254.478 is amended to read:
254.478. (1) Subject to ORS 260.705 and not sooner than the seventh day before the date of an
election, [in preparation for counting ballots delivered by mail,] the county clerk may:
(a) Begin opening return identification and secrecy envelopes of ballots delivered by mail and
received by the county clerk; and
(b) In accordance with a security plan approved by the Secretary of State under ORS
254.074, begin scanning ballots into a vote tally system.
(2) The county clerk may take any other actions that are necessary to [allow the counting of]
count ballots delivered by mail [to begin on election day].

Don’t worry, an appropriate security plan is required, so it’s all good.

Victoria Taft has it exactly right on her blog:

House bill 3451 allows all elections officials in all 36 Oregon counties to begin COUNTING, TALLYING, SCANNING ballots seven (7) days before the election. This changes the law from simply-ha!-separating your ballot from the secrecy envelope seven days before to allowing them to SCAN the ballots into their voting machines seven (7) days before the election. And what’s stopping someone from seeing the tally?

Don’t worry, nobody will EVER want to have to pay the–wait for it—$250 fine for telling anyone the vote count. What could possibly go wrong?

And of course, county elections officials are allowed to enhance your ballot. This means that if they determine that you intended to vote for someone but didn’t properly fill in the circle, they will either fill it in for you or produce a duplicate ballot that they fill out on your behalf that is more easily read by the machine.

So let’s review. Ballots can be counted starting 7 days before election day, and county officials can enhance your ballot. Penalties for ‘leaking’ the current vote tally are laughable. And our Secretary of State has already been demonstrated to have bias issues.

Yes, Oregonians, you can rest assured that your ballot is perfectly safe.

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