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July 2015
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  • Lobbyists Give 2015 Session Highest Grade in 4 Years; Voters Somewhat Less Generous But Prefer Divided Government July 28, 2015
    The lobbyists’ average grade for the session on the 0-4 scale was 1.73, the highest marks since 2011. Voters were less generous graders. They gave the legislature a “D+” this year, the same grade they gave to the last regular session (2013), although the grade point average was higher this year: 1.49 vs. 1.34. But […]
  • Washington Counties Struggle with Criminal-Justice Costs July 27, 2015
    Paying for the costs of prosecuting a big criminal case can drain the budget of a small county, and records show the state has little to offer in the way of help. The cost of prosecuting Christopher Monfort — who was convicted of killing Seattle police Officer Tim Brenton, firebombing police vehicles and trying to […]
  • Health Law Experiment Failed To Show Savings July 27, 2015
    A $57 million experiment to deliver better, more efficient care at federally funded health centers struggled to meet its goals and is unlikely to save money, says a new government report. Admissions and emergency-room care rose in medical homes and clinics that were part of the experiment compared with results in those that weren’t. So […]
  • Today’s Top 3 International Stories: Turkey, Somalia & Belarus July 27, 2015
    1) Turkey has requested an emergency meeting with NATO concerning ISIS and its border with Syria. Officials from member countries will meet on Tuesday, July 28, to discuss the situation. Reports currently say that Turkey has not made any call for any military help. The meeting falls under an Article 4 consultation in the Alliance’s […]
  • Today’s Top International Stories: Nigeria, Iran & South Sudan July 23, 2015
    1) Boko Haram attacks continue to happen across Africa with more than 50 dead in Nigeria and at least 13 killed in Cameroon by a suicide bomber. This week the U.S. has pledged additional military aid to help Nigeria tackle the militant group. The increase happened after President Muhammadu Buhari called out the American government for […]
  • Today’s Top 3 International Stories: Syria, Burundi & Iran July 21, 2015
    1) Three Spanish journalists went missing in Syria and are presumed to be kidnapped. Antonio Pampliega, Jose Manuel Lopez and Angel Sastre have not been heard from since they entered Syria via Turkey on July 10th. The journalists were supposed to be in Aleppo but are now feared to be captured by ISIS, who kidnapped journalists […]