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June 2017
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As newspapers, radio stations and television are all cutting their local reporting budgets and relying more on national media outlets and pundits, local stories end up grossly underreported. That leaves the average voter far less informed than they were a generation ago.

We’re here to solve this problem by shining a light on all the political goings on in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest and nationwide. We will network with the best bloggers, citizen journalists, analysts, experts, legacy media partners and policy pundits to create the most in-depth content available.

A reader notes that 54° 40′ Or Fight! authors are “feisty, but not bitter”.

Knowledge is power.

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  • Inslee appoints Laura Riquelme to Skagit County Superior Court June 28, 2017
    Gov. Jay Inslee appointed Laura Riquelme to the Skagit County Superior Court. She replaces Judge Michael Rickert, who is retiring. Last year Inslee appointed Riquelme to a different position on the Skagit County Superior Court, where she served from March 2016 to November 2016. Riquelme currently works for the Skagit County Public Defender’s Office as […]
  • Sen. Murray remarks on newly-released analysis of Senate Republican Trumpcare bill June 27, 2017
    Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), top Democrat on the Senate health committee, delivered the following remarks at a press conference regarding the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) new score for the Senate Republican Trumpcare bill: After weeks of secret negotiations between 13 male Republicans; after keeping Democrats in the dark—and hiding the details from patients and families; […]
  • Hirst could be the tipping point for state’s endangered rural Democrats June 22, 2017
    For all the enthusiasm I hear from my party about saving endangered species, I wish there was a little more sympathy for the most endangered creature of all – the Democrat who represents a rural district. There aren’t many of us left, and the way things are going this year, our line may die out […]
  • Experts: U.S. Needs to Take Heed of Recent Surge of Terror Attacks in Europe June 28, 2017
    Experts recommended that the United States take heed of the recent surge of terror attacks in Europe to learn how to more effectively combat ISIS at a hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday. The post Experts: U.S. Needs to Take Heed of Recent Surge of Terror Attacks in Europe appeared first on […]
  • New Poll: 41 Percent of Democratic Voters Want Pelosi to Stay as Leader June 28, 2017
    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) has faced increased scrutiny from Democratic lawmakers in the wake of four special congressional election losses for her party this year, and that criticism has appeared to affect voters' attitudes of her leadership. The post New Poll: 41 Percent of Democratic Voters Want Pelosi to Stay as Leader […]
  • Mattis: Trump’s Warning to Syria Against Using Chemical Weapons Deters Attack June 28, 2017
    Secretary of Defense James Mattis said Wednesday that the Trump administration's warning to the Syrian government against using chemical weapons appears to have worked for now. The post Mattis: Trump’s Warning to Syria Against Using Chemical Weapons Deters Attack appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.
  • Richard Florida Supports Trump’s Urban Policies June 28, 2017
    Like so many urbanists, Richard Florida went into a “state of shock” on the election of Donald Trump. And yet, on reflection, he ends up agreeing with Trump’s basic principles regarding the cities. Even if Clinton had won, he realized, “we would have been unlikely to see anything like the sweeping new set of urban […]
  • Back in the Air Again June 27, 2017
    The Antiplanner is in Philadelphia today for the World Metrorail Congress. Apparently, one of the conference organizers thought it would be a good idea to have the Antiplanner debate University of Pennsylvania Professor Vukan Vuchic about the future of transit. Needless to say, I will take the position that its future is very short.
  • Saving Energy While Liberating the Poor June 26, 2017
    Last week, the Antiplanner argued that transit is going extinct and, rather than fight this trend, regional officials should find ways to smooth the transition. One way of doing so is to improve the mobility of low-income workers. Transit advocates love to use phrases like oil dependency and auto dependency to suggest that automobiles are […]