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January 2012
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Daily archives for January 23rd, 2012

Hey Sam: They’re Laughing *At* You, Not *With* You


Dateline Portland Oregon, January 2012:  Tonight’s “Laughing at Liberal Loons Moment” comes at the expense of Mayor Sam Adams who apparently can not tell when people are laughing *AT* him rather than *WITH* him.  A new episode of Portlandia pokes fun at the Adams Bag Ban and the reduction in individual freedoms that it brings […]

The Word Can Kill

The Word Can Kill

“Peaceful protesters” in San Francisco broke into an abandoned hotel, gathered up Bibles still remaining in the guest rooms, and carried them up to the roof – where they began throwing them at police on the street below. They threw bricks, as well. Occupy San Francisco’s “Day of Action” turned violent Friday night when protesters occupied […]

Sustainable Energy (Sustained By Your Wallet)

Sustainable Energy (Sustained By Your Wallet)

General Electric’s now trying to convince Image via Wikipedia folks who’ve bought wind turbines from them to augment their purchases by buying their solar panels as well. What their line is: winds blow strongest at night, solar works best during the day – so installing both makes good economic sense. The reality: the US wind market […]

It’s Time To Take Back Education


In the 2008 election, 68 percent of new young voters overwhelming chose to vote for Obama and the Democrats’ socialist agenda. That’s a scary statistic, but it’s no accident. It’s the result of a patient, long-term strategy on the part of leftist social reformers, and it’s finally coming to fruition. The majority of new voters […]

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  • Legislative Leaders Reach Budget Deal June 28, 2015
    On Saturday afternoon, Gov. Jay Inslee and Republican and Democratic legislative leaders met with the press in a united front to say that a deal has been made for a roughly $38 billion biennial budget. That will likely be signed into law on Tuesday, heading off Wednesday’s looming partial shutdown of state government. The post […]
  • Inslee Drops Fuel Standard, To Propel Transpo Budget Deal June 28, 2015
    As Washington State lawmakers moved into a third special session Sunday, Gov. Jay Inslee in a statement signalled he would back off his administration’s proposed low carbon fuel standard in return for Republican votes needed in the Senate to pass a 16-year, $15 billion surface transportation investment package. A gas tax hike of 11.7 cents […]
  • Exposing the Secrets of the Washington Toxics Coalition: The Evergreen State Environmental Group Is a Well-Disguised Front Group for National Anti-Chemical Activists June 27, 2015
    A closer look, however, reveals that the outfit is actually part of a secretive, well-funded effort to inundate state lawmakers with questionable data and cookie-cutter legislative proposals intended to attack job creators and generate even more money. The post Exposing the Secrets of the Washington Toxics Coalition: The Evergreen State Environmental Group Is a Well-Disguised […]
  • Today’s Top 3 International Stories: Syria, Armenia & NATO June 25, 2015
    1) ISIS has boldly attacked both the Syrian army and Kurdish forces in Syria, including the war-torn city of Kobani. As Kobani fell, Islamic State militants executed 20 Kurds including women and children. ISIS also  managed to take hold of most of the city of Hasakeh on Wednesday, where they were previously unable to gain ground. […]
  • Today’s Top 3 International Stories: Denmark, Iraq & Syria June 18, 2015
    1) Denmark heads to the polls today in a tight early election. Current PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt from the centre-left coalition (polling at 50.1%) is up against former PM Lars Lokke Rasmussen from the centre-right opposition coalition (polling 49.9%).   2) U.S. Marine Sergeant Lawrence Hutchins III has been found guilty of murdering of a disabled Iraqi […]
  • Today’s Top 3 International Stories: Nigeria, Iran & Palestine June 17, 2015
    1) Boko Haram continues to terrorize Nigeria, with a new bombing killing 63 people on Wednesday. The U.S. has offered $5 million in aid to the new anti-Boko Haram coalition in Africa to help the task force root out the militant movement.   2) In Iran’s nuclear talks, the U.S. has decided not to pressure […]
  • So Much for Low-Capacity Rail June 29, 2015
    When Orlando decided to fund and operate a commuter train, many residents probably thought they could take the train to major events. Orlando expects to attract 120,000 people to its fireworks show this July 4th, but none of them will take the train to the site. We’ve all heard the claim that a rail line […]
  • Red Light for Red, Yellow Light for Purple June 26, 2015
    Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced Thursday that he was cancelling Baltimore’s Red light-rail line while approving suburban Washington’s Purple Line. However, that approval comes with a caveat that could still mean the wasteful transit project will never be built. The latest cost estimate for the Purple Line is nearly $2.5 billion for a project that, […]
  • BRT Capacities Greater Than You Think June 24, 2015
    A group called the Institute for Transport and Development Policy (ITDP) strongly supports bus-rapid transit, saying that “BRT systems can be built in a fraction of the time of light rail, and BRT can cost 30 times less to construct and 3 times less to operate.” ITDP’s proposal for “Gold Standard” bus-rapid transit in Boston. […]